We have put together to you a collection of links to places of interest and destinations all around Koblenz.

  • UNESCO Welterbe
    In the UNESCO world heritage you can enjoy culture in full trains.
  • Weingut Schwaab
    A pure wine experience in Ko-Güls in the vineyard and in the vineyard with Verkostung in the historical rock cellar.
  • KD-Schifffahrten
    Go with the Cologne inhabitant of Dusseldorf daily between Koblenz and Mainz.
  • Loreley
    Explore the Rhine between Koblenz and rough home and visit the nice Loreley.

Here are some more links to places of interest and destinations all around Koblenz:

  • Burg Lahneck
    The castle Lahneck stands in Lahnstein in the Lahn.
  • Burg Eltz
    The castle Eltz is regarded as a perfect example of the German knight’s castle. She stayed into family property over the centuries and is intact. Your history is rich in legends and events, important personalities and great art.
  • Marksburg
    The Mark’s castle lies in brewing brook on the Rhine in the UNESCO world heritage and is the best of all preserved knight’s castle.
  • Café Hahn
    Here you can see a live stage programme of finest ones. Music, cabaret, comedy in KO-Güls.
  • Theater Koblenz
    The theatre of Koblenz offers premieres over and over again. The topical programme and prices here.
  • KuFa
    Music, theatre, comedy in KO-Lützel