Our commitment to sustainability is certified

Take a look at our certificate and read our sustainability report (PDF, german)

The GreenSign sustainability certification is awarded by the GreenSign Institut GmbH from Berlin. It is a certification catalogue recognised by the world-renowned Global Sustainable Tourism Council for determining the level of sustainability of a hotel. The certification is divided into five levels, which indicate how many of the certification criteria a hotel fulfils.

To obtain GreenSign certification, a hotel must first complete the comprehensive catalogue of requirements. This contains more than 100 criteria, which are divided into eight core areas. In addition to environmental sustainability, social, cultural and economic aspects are also covered. Each requirement is awarded a corresponding number of points.

In addition, the establishment of an environmental programme, in which specific development goals are defined, is mandatory. The information provided by the hotel is first checked by GreenSign experts. This is followed by an on-site audit, during which all information is scrutinised.

Once the audit has been completed, the degree of compliance with the GreenSign criteria is determined. This value is used to categorise the hotel into a sustainability level. This ranges from Level 1 (initial sustainable approaches) to Level 5 (very sustainable approaches).

We focus on photovoltaics

Our hotel utilises the energy of the sun!

Sustainability is the most important issue of our time. That is why we are also doing our bit and have invested extensively in renewable solar energy:

Our photovoltaic system consists of 164 solar panels, which corresponds to a size of 302 m². It has a capacity of 64 KW, which we can use to operate our air conditioning system (chiller).

The system is orientated east-west and delivers approx. 50,000 KW/h per year. This means a great relief for the environment by avoiding CO2 emissions.

Your stay at the Cityhotel Koblenz therefore combines modern comfort with sustainable use of resources.


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